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Christmas tree napkin fold

Need a pretty table setting for your holiday party? These Christmas tree napkins are the perfect thing. And they’re easy to do as well! Here’s how: Step one: Open out the paper napkin so that it is in a square then fold it in half. Then, fold it in half again and turn it around so that … Continue reading

I am.

Originally posted on Conservative Cassie:
I am not racist. I am not homophobic. I am not sexist. I am not a misogynist. I am for free market. I am for stronger foreign policy. I am for small business. I am for my family. I am Republican. With the results of the presidential election stirring up…


Great post. And worth the read… No matter WHO you voted for.

Rose apple tarts , beautiful and tasty

This lovely recipe is easy, delicious and really makes a gorgeous dessert.  Try it for your next party. Yum! You’ll get rave reviews! Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts ~ Recipe | Tastemade


Originally posted on joseph botts:
Donald J. Trump – Breitbart Red State Newsmax Drudge Report: A few days ago someone I don’t know asked this question on … Facebook and a mutual friend (knowing I am a Trump supporter), tagged me and asked me to answer the question. Here was my reply: I am a…

Beautuful song Lyrics for Indochine Memoria translated to English

Watch this melancholy, yet poignant music video it might give you chills… Here are the French lyrics translated to English: Memoria I get there, not all that proud of myself The worst is behind me I will come back to start everything all over again Like a sweetheart at your feet   Then we … Continue reading

a must read whether you are a parent or not

Stunning. Powerful. Moving. Sometimes, often really, things break – irreparably.  And it takes your breath away … straight away. Do yourself a favor, whether you’re a parent or not, and read this blog post. You won’t regret it. I promise. Broken Things #lifeadvice #loveness     ~Thank you, Kathleen Fleming at majestic unicorn for your … Continue reading

Book Review and angel quotes from Embers Wings of War book 1 and Gaia Wings of War book 2

  Good morning fellow angels of the blogosphere! Have you ever thought, “Wow, this one is special, I must have it in hardcover” even before you could get through the first book in the series? I recently finished reading the second book in a sensational series by Karen Ann Hopkins called The Wings of … Continue reading

fun with gadgets for your website or blog

How are you this fine day? Thanks for visiting my blog! I love sharing cool or fun things found around the net, and today here’s one I thing you’ll love. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the cute little “feed the fish” gadget to your right —-> Fun huh? You can use it … Continue reading

fighting for Florida’s most precious resource

Have you ever dove into a spring so clear blue and refreshing that it changed everything you ever thought you knew about natural springs? This photo was snapped looking over the edge, standing on the diving platform at Blue Springs March 2015 There is nothing like it in the world; the exhilaration and delightful feeling … Continue reading

feed the fishes


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