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February love and all about Aromatherapy as an Aphrodisiac ; Essential Oil Recipes for Love

Happy February!!! A whole month dedicated to love!! 💜💜💜 Read the post below for amazing recipes for you and your loved one….   February love and all about Aromatherapy as an Aphrodisiac ; Essential Oil Recipes for Love. via February love and all about Aromatherapy as an Aphrodisiac ; Essential Oil Recipes for Love. Advertisements

cupcake cones recipe from Today show 2015

I saw this on the Today show today and couldn’t help myself…had to share! Who knew you could make a cake in an ice cream cone? Totally gonna’ try this one! Though I’ll most likely tweak it to my linking…such as making the cake a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! Find the rest … Continue reading

top 100 songs about chocolate

Happy November 1st!! And I bet you have a ton of chocolate left over from last night’s trick-or-treaters right? Well just in case you didn’t get enough…here’s more chocolate…the Top 100 songs about chocolate to be exact. This list guarantees to please any chocoholic music lover. Smooth, velvety, and will melt in your ears not … Continue reading

How to make the best apple pie moonshine

I’m not much of a drinker, but a friend of mine gave me a swig of this the other day and omg… it was so good I couldn’t even tell there was any alcohol in it… ummm yeah, dangerous, I know. But as sweet as it was it got me thinking about how it was … Continue reading

A Song To Make You Smile : White Sky by Vampire Weekend Lyrics

I have to play this at least once a day. The song White Sky by Vampire Weekend satisfies a sweet-tooth with an almost sickly saccharin  pop 🙂 … for those that dare… .. bubblegum, yes, but make you smile, oh yeah. My other half says I’m in La-La-Land, but I say, “I’m stayin’ here, join … Continue reading

#HappyBirthday #JohnnyDepp – I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday to my favorite fantasy…. listen to some Johnny here (click for  Johnny playing for the movie soundtrack “Chocolat”—ugh, talk about sexy…Johnny’s got it in SPADES!  

Annie Leibovitz does Johnny Depp for On Stranger Tides Photo

……….this one needs no words………

Johnny Depp Rocks My World (via Maui Zan)

Thanks for posting the video! Click here to see Johnny play guitar when he was in the band P…cool video. and OMG! LOL! my sentiments exactly Maui Zan! “johnny depp – he’s so gorgeous you could have an orgasm just looking at him”-Grace -couldn’t agree more Grace… I think I bought my copy of P … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Men in the World

Just a little teaser LOL! Ok, I might be biting off more than I can chew here, but I have to at least give it a whirl. And I’m def. gonna’ need a cold shower after this, but the show must go on! Choosing the most beautiful men in the world isn’t as easy as … Continue reading

Dmitry Chaplin; pure poetry and ALL man

What can I say about this God of the dancing world? He is not only one of the most beautiful things to watch, but can take your breath away with one look. His graceful and smouldering movements reek sex–but his mastery of technical expertise keeps you coming back for more. website: Uploaded with … Continue reading

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