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Watch “Blue Cavern powered by” on YouTube

This is a photo i snapped at blue springs in high springs florida march 2015 I am mesmerized by underwater live cams,   and this site has loads of them!! My new favorite!!! 😆😆😄😍😀 Perfect for all those who’ve ever wanted a fish tank ,  only without all the maintenance!! Lol!! Advertisements

fun with gadgets for your website or blog

How are you this fine day? Thanks for visiting my blog! I love sharing cool or fun things found around the net, and today here’s one I thing you’ll love. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the cute little “feed the fish” gadget to your right —-> Fun huh? You can use it … Continue reading

Happy #EarthDay playlist with some fresh music for you…

Everyone loves hearing some fresh music, especially when it’s great. And just for #EarthDay here’s some goodies for you…. included are songs just for Earth Day, as well as some fresh tunes for your listening pleasure….. #EarthDay playlist here on Spotify. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World MGMT – Kids Talking Heads – [Nothing … Continue reading

GO green without losing green, learn how to Make Laundry Soap

We all want the best for our families…what’s good for the environment, our budget, and for our health. Using eco-friendly natural cleansers is a great way to go green. Here are some great tips:     Since  Yahoo Voices is closing (where I had originally published this)  here is the full article I wrote in … Continue reading

How to Make a Natural Travel Kit with Essential Oils

How to Make a Natural Travel Kit with Essential Oils Plus Recipes For; Sunburn Relief Spray, Jet Lag, Migraines, Stress Headaches, Nausea, Travel Sickness, Queasiness, Fear of Flying, and Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis Candice L. Collins, Yahoo! Contributor Network Aromatherapy can be a very helpful companion when embarking upon a long journey, or even just … Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Allergies; Immune Boosting Essential Oils, Allergen Home Spray Recipe, and Allergy Relief Blend Recipe – Associated Content from Yahoo! –

See inside What is an allergy? How to get relief from allergies with essential oils? How to naturally fighting allergies with essential oils as well as Immune Boosting Essential Oils, Allergen Home Spray Recipe, and an Allergy Relief Blend Recipe read the rest of my article on AC/Yahoo, click link below; Natural Remedies for Allergies; … Continue reading

power of thoughts; experiment in water crystals

Have you ever thought that the power of the mind has the ability to physically change something? Noetic Science – Look it up. It has been around since the beginning of thought. Different names certainly such as metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, ancient mysteries, the list continues. The most in-depth novel I have read recently that has … Continue reading

Zeitgeist…a new paradigm for our future?

The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement May Be Just the Help We Need “What I would like to see is a world without war, poverty, hunger or territorial disputes. All the wonders of technology mean very little unless they serve to elevate all human beings to their highest potential and bring about world unification.”- … Continue reading


here comes the sun… do do dooo

here comes the sun…… do do doo Continue reading

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