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David Garrett & Nicole Scherzinger Io ti penso, amore ( I Think Of You , Love ) English translation


Io Ti Penso Amore

Io ti penso amore
Quando il bagliore del sole
Risplende sul mare.
Io ti penso amore
Quando ogni raggio della luna
Si dipinge sulle fonti.

Io ti vedo
Quando sulle vie lontane
Si solleva la polvere
Quando per lo stretto sentiero
Trema il viandante
Nella notte profonda
Nella notte profonda.

Io ti sento amore
Quando col cupo suono
Si muovono le onde
Nel placido boschetto caro
Spesso ad ascoltare seduto c’è

Io sono con te
Anche se tu sei lontano
Sei vicino a me
Anche se tu sei lontano
O fossi qui
O fossi qui

Try to align


I Think Of You, Love

I think of you, love
When the sun’s glare
shines over the sea.
I think about you, love
when every moonbeam
gets painted on the springs.
I see you
when on far away streets
dust lifts
when on the narrow path
the wanderer shivers
in the deep night
in the deep night.
I feel you, love
when with a sharp sound
the waves move
in the quiet, dear woods
often listening there is*
I’m with you
even if you’re far away
you’re near me
even if you’re far away
or if you’d be here
or if you’d be here



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I love helping people heal themselves. Whether that's through body, mind, or spirit, we all need a helping hand sometimes. I'm also owner/formulator of Yellowstar Essentials custom natural beauty- home -and health products, also a database builder of a telcom auditing business, a freelance writer, an Aromatherapy enthusiast, and a part-time waitress. I just love life and way too many things to list them all here.


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