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Bach on a wooden gravity forest xylophone

Originally posted on Phil Ebersole's Blog:
Two things are remarkable about this video.  One is the amazing yards-old, gravity-powered forest xylophone that it depcits, and the other is that it was done as commercial advertising.  I thank my e-mail pen pal Jack Clontz for the link. The video directly above tells the story of…

cupcake cones recipe from Today show 2015

I saw this on the Today show today and couldn’t help myself…had to share! Who knew you could make a cake in an ice cream cone? Totally gonna’ try this one! Though I’ll most likely tweak it to my linking…such as making the cake a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! Find the rest … Continue reading

Music of 2014 My Top 100 (or more)

hello! Welcome to my Spotify playlist of the best of 2014… Granted, this list is quite biased as it’s only what I like, but see if you can’t find some of your faves of the 2014 year here, as well as some old faves. Be sure to leave me a comment of your musical faves … Continue reading

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