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a thousand fires is amazing new music… just in time for spring


I love finding new music that makes me FEEL something….and this band doesn’t disappoint.

They are my new faves…

a thousand fires…

is: Coury Palermo & Philip Zach.


This awesome band consists of two very creative souls…
here’s more from and about them:

Born across wires, three quick ideas became one epic sound.

In early 2012, Nashville based singer-songwriter Coury Palermo and Lincoln, NE based writer-multi-instrumentalist-producer Philip Zach began sending song bits and pieces to each other via email. “Philip and I met in 2010 while on the road and quickly became friends”, says Coury. “After about a year of running into each other in different cities, we began throwing around the idea of writing together – it came about very casually.”

Phillip Zach

Phillip Zach

Six months into writing, three songs had emerged – Coury and Philip were met with the question of what to do with this bourgeoning sound. “I called up Coury one day and said ‘why don’t you fly out to Lincoln (NE) for a few days and let’s see what happens?’” says Philip. “At the time we were both in the middle of recording other projects – the last thing either one of us were looking for was another band situation.” says Coury.

What was to be a short trip to record those three songs became the sessions that would shape their debut album, “rebelloverliar”. “Within three days, we had recorded the three songs and written four more. The pace was incredible,” says Philip.

By the end of the seventh day, the two had amassed a collection of nine sonically varied pop songs that drew inspiration from their personal journeys and were heavily influenced by the music of their childhood.

“This album represents hope to me,” says Coury. “It’s the story of the ‘every man’ – Philip, myself, friends, family, strangers who have impacted us – times in life that test our strength and the moments in between that we celebrate.”

In the Spring of 2013, Coury returned to Lincoln to continue working with Philip on the record. After another successful set of sessions, eleven perfectly dressed stories had surfaced. It was now time to figure out how to they would realize the remainder of the expenses associated with recording an album.


Here is the long and short of it…

We are releasing 3 / 3 song digital EP’s (rebel – lover – liar) that will culminate to create a full length album with the addition of 2 songs (for a total of 11 tracks). The first EP “rebel” will release to all digital outlets in January of 2014, followed by the second EP “lover” in March and the third “liar” in May. The combined full length album “rebelloverliar” will be released in June both digitally and on physical CD.

The goal for this project was to create an experience for the listener – an experience that takes you back to “the album”, and not just today’s format of “the single”. We wanted to do something that brought back the magic of not only a solid collection of songs but also the tangible side of the album buying experience – the physical CD.

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