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Free Kings of Leon tickets!!! yeah.. at least they’re not breaking up…

So I had to update this post.. as you probably already know, KOL has cancelled 29 shows of their US tour… I know.. bummer…( I was supposed to go to their Tampa stop… lol.. I would have LOVED to see them .. would have been my first show for them.. ) 😦  BUT… and there’s always a but….
we all know family comes first, and this is a family matter, really.
So lets just hope they work things out.. that Caleb gets well, and send some good juju their way.. hey…everyone could use some prayers about right now.. crazy times we live in, huh?
Anyway… here’s the original post.. yeah.. I really thought I could win this contest too. thanks Kodak for the thoughts….


Free Kings of Leon tickets!!

Kodak is giving Kings of Leon fans the music experience of a lifetime – the chance to win tickets to their summer concert tour, the opportunity to meet them in person, as well as the Kodak cameras used by fans at their Back Down South video shoot.
Fans everywhere can enter now via Kodak’s Facebook Page and check out exclusive fan content from music video shoot.

Check out Kings of Leon summer tour schedule and information on Tampa show on August 2,2011.

GET tickets

Connect with Kings of Leon on Facebook and Twitter

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