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peering through the veil

the veil is thin today

a strand is loosed from the web

floating aimlessly

sparkling in the rays of the sun

where do i start

where do i begin

where do i go from here

without a thought

without a care to mind

without the weave to hold it close

without the rest keeping it in line

nowhere to go from here ..but everywhere

here is no place at all, yet every place at once

and there is no there to see

no there to feel, hear, or touch

what if just here is all there is

and all there ever was


About Candice Collins

I love helping people heal themselves. Whether that's through body, mind, or spirit, we all need a helping hand sometimes. I'm also owner/formulator of Yellowstar Essentials custom natural beauty- home -and health products, also a database builder of a telcom auditing business, a freelance writer, an Aromatherapy enthusiast, and a part-time waitress. I just love life and way too many things to list them all here.


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