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The Most Beautiful Men in the World

Just a little teaser LOL!

Ok, I might be biting off more than I can chew here, but I have to at least give it a whirl. And I’m def. gonna’ need a cold shower after this, but the show must go on!

Choosing the most beautiful men in the world isn’t as easy as you think,
I mean; first, there’s the subjective thing…(you might not see them as I do),
and of course all the time it takes to put this together ((I’ve had to walk away from the computer a few times as it’s about burst into flames more than once)
and p.s. I made all the photo collages…
then there’s the immense task of choosing only the MOST beautiful out of millions!
So bear with me and if I’ve forgotten your choice for most beautiful men in the world, leave me a comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts

Allrighty then, here we go (and btw, these are not in any particular order...just thrown together) LOL!

Get your *drool* bibs on…you’ll be needing them.

And I suggest bookmarking this page as I’ll probably be adding to it.

1. Johnny Depp

Ok, it’s fair that he’s first because he’s my all-time fave (yeah, it’s bordering on sick… I even write about him for Examiner lol!) He’s what the word “eye-candy” was invented for….and to top it off, he’s got the most humble attitude and beautiful soul in Hollywood. He’s the coolest of the cool…..what more could a girl want? Vanessa Paradis is the luckiest woman in the world.

johnny depp – he’s so gorgeous you could have an orgasm just looking at him.-Grace

-couldn’t agree more Grace!

I could go on, but this is about the most beautiful MEN in the world, not just the most beautiful MAN in the world…LOL!


 Dmitry Chaplin

he’s not half bad either….tall, dark, handsome…..and can the man DANCE or what? (you know what they say about men that dance well….!!!)…*gulp*

those hips get me every time!

for more Dmitry read my post; Dmitry Chaplin: pure poetry all man

Brad Pitt


now we couldn’t NOT include Brad could we? talk about eye-candy...

. Josh Harnett

those freeekin’ eyes man…and with those lips… *drooooool*

. Gavin Rossdale

sex is zen……..this man is hot…smouldering …yeah, ooozing sex baby

. Hugh Jackman

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……he’s such a manly man….and so bloody hot!!!!!! I could just throw him down! he gets me sweaty just lookin’ at him……

. David Beckham


. Jared Leto

not bad for a pretty boy huh? I’d go see 30 Seconds to Mars just to see him (plus their music is pretty good too), but I’ve had a crush since “My So Called Life”……..

. Colin Farrell

something about those bad boys…………

. Jude Law

talk about classic beauty…….this guys got it in spades………..

. Sean Patrick Flannery

not someone you’d normally think of for beautiful,  but after I saw “Powder” and then “Boondock Saints“….I was hooked…….(can’t wait to see part 2)

. Matt Bomer

holy crap! those frickin’ blue eyes just KILL me! I started watching White Collar just to see him………. LOL, he’s a babe!

. Matthew McConaughey

classic beautiful man….the bod, the eyes, the cocky attitude….gotta’ love me some of this surfer dude…wouldn’t you love to be on an island with him? (ok, him and Johnny Depp..and every guy on this list LOL!)

. James Franco

yum-O….something about those lips……..

. Cillian Murphy

wicked cool eyes…………a different type of beautiful, but he’s def. got something that grabs the attention………maybe it’s the artist lover in me….who knows…did you see him in the movie “Sunshine“?

. Heath Ledger

total bummer about Heath….we lost him waaaay too soon……..not only a great guy, but beautiful inside and out 🙂

. Christian Bale

I’ve heard a little bit of a diva…but, c’mon…his acting chops are beyond!!! And he’s got such structure…omg 😛

. Marlon Teixeira

oh, I think so………….

. Travis Fimmel

OMG….just omg…….

. Keanu Reeves

beautiful Keanu………..

.Orlando Bloom


. Pedro Perestrello

oh Pedro………..

. Zac Efron

absolutely adorable…zac ephron

.Leonardo DiCaprio

 Christian Monzon


 Takeshi Kaneshiro

takeshi kaneshiro


.Tyson Beckford


Justin Timberlake

sweeeeeetness……..and the guy can literally do anything well…, act, sing, comedy…wow talk about triple threat! 😛

. Chris Evans

. Fernando Noriega

Fernando Noriega

. Ryan Phillippe

.Enrique Iglesias

I’d say so…..

.. Taylor Kitsch

not bad at all….love that 12 pack!

. Leandro Maeder


. Ashton Kutcher


. Andrew Stetson


. Clive Owen

. Robert Pattinson

. Denzel Washington


. Nacho Figueras

.George Clooney

. Sean Connery

now c’mon, ladies and tell me this man doesn’t deserve to be on this list (and we do love the accent a bit too)

. Viggo Mortensen

. Gerard Butler

. Taye Diggs

beautiful AND sweet

. Cristiano Ronaldo

must be all that soccer playing that makes ’em look so good….

. Daniel Henney




. Theo Theodoridis

holy frijoles…look at those eyes!

. Scott Elrod

. Anastasios “Sakis” Rouvas aka Saki Rouva

Meet Anastasios “Sakis” Rouvas aka Saki Rouva a popular dance-pop singer, actor, composer and television presenter. He’s Greek and 36  years old and is considered to be (sorry Brad Pitt) the most beautiful man in  the world. (I’m not entirely sure by who’s authority or anything but you have to admit he’s pretty good eye candy regardless.)

.Ian Sumerhalder

. Keith Urban



yeah, did you see “LOL” w/ Demi Moore and Mylie Cyrus? Watch this video OMG… love the song too!  Here’s the lyrical video:

douglas booth


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2 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Men in the World

  1. scott elrod has got the most beautiful face i have ever seen. those piercing eyes, a grin that makes my heart melt and that amazing jaw line

    Posted by nathenda | August 16, 2013, 1:17 pm


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