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Nano-Bites! The Dieter’s Dream…Nanotechnology in Newest Diet Craze

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Newest Breakthrough in the Scientific Community…Nano-food hitting a grocery store near you! Extra! Extra!

Nano-Bites! The Dieter’s Dream



Nano-Bites! are the newest scientific super-food breakthrough

that allow you to eat the foods you want and still lose weight.

Nano-Bites! is “Smart” Food that, by way of nanotechnology, tells your body to get the vitamins and nutrients through more efficiently than ever before, while allowing the sugar, fat and “bad for you” stuff, to “pass right on through”.

Your body won't absorb any "bad stuff",
and you'll still get all the required nutrition
plus added supplements for excellent health.
"So you can eat Nano-Bites! doughnuts, pizza, ice-cream,
cake and candy and still lose weight! Unbelievable!"

“It’s a Miracle!”

It’s always been, “no, to this”, “no, to that”, and “No, thank you, I’m watching my figure”. Not any more!

“Nano-Bites are a dream come true!”

Try Nano-Bites! Today!



Ok, that’s a huge joke! I totally made that all up.

But seriously, this really could be an ad you’ll soon see everywhere. Believe it or not, the technology is out there waiting to pounce. And in the near future we may find ourselves using nanotechnology for everything. Nanotechnology will be a part of our everyday lives, inside and outside our bodies.

What Is Nanotechnology?

to understand that you have to understand what a nanometer is;

  • A nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter
  • The width of an average hair is 100,000 nanometers.
  • Human blood cells are 2,000 to 5,000 nm long,
  • a strand of DNA has a diameter of 2.5 nm,
  • a line of ten (10) hydrogen atoms is one nm.2

That should give you a pretty good comparison to understand how small a nanometer really is, and the technology that could be accomplished with such a smart and tiny thing.

The government has even gotten in on this deal (of course)…I found a public release from that speaks on the subject then, now and the future of nanotechnology. Here’s a Federal Gov’t Public Release .pdf on Nanotechnology (03-22-07)




Peter Montague, executive director of the New Brunswick, New Jersey-based Environmental Research Foundation, and editor of Rachel’s Environment and Health News wrote:

Nanotech wasn’t possible until the invention in the 1980s and early 1990s of ways to arrange individual atoms under software control. Nano particles, nanotubes and carbon nano crystals called Bucky Balls (after Buckminster Fuller) are now being manufactured in ton quantities for industrial use. Largely unnoticed, hundreds of products containing nano-sized particles have already reached the market — metal surfaces and paints so slick they clean themselves when it rains; organic light-emitting diodes for computer screens, digital cameras and cell phones; sub-miniature data storage devices (aiming to hold the Library of Congress in a computer the size of a sugar cube); specialty lubricants; long-mileage vehicle tires; nano-reinforced plastics for stronger automobile fenders; lightweight military armor; anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sun glasses; super-slippery ski wax; powerful tennis rackets and long-lasting tennis balls; inkjet photographic paper intended to hold an image for 100 years; high-contrast MRI scanners for medical diagnosis; efficient drug and vaccine delivery systems; vitamins in a spray; invisible sunscreen ointments containing nano particles of titanium or zinc; anti-wrinkle cosmetic creams; and even edible chocolate computer chips;


From Science Daily Article: a Dutch food scientist Frans Kampers said,

“The promise of nanotechnology, is that it could allow re-engineering ingredients to bring healthy nutrients more efficiently to the body while allowing less-desirable components to pass on through.”


Could Nanotechnology Make An Average Donut Into Health Food?



Three Articles From;

“Nanotechnology food coming to a fridge near you” or “Are you ready for your nano-engineered wine? “



The promises of food nanotechnology FROM:

Food is one of the newest realms for nanotechnology. As NBR reporter Dana Greenspon explains, scientist are working on ways to uses super small sensors to keep food safe.

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Friends of The Earth Nanotechnology Report

Who Cares about Nanotechnology Anyway?

Today on Nanotech-Now, I discuss what it would take to make the abstract discussions about “nanoethics” as a discipline, sub-discipline, or whatever it is into a meaningful discussion about a future where nanotechnologies impact our world and do so in a way that we have anticipated ethical issues that actually will come to pass, and when they do, we are prepared for them because ethicists, policy-makers, scientists and other interested stakeholders have engaged, not in theoretical debate about whether nanoethics is a field or discipline, but about what kind of nanotechological future we want.

To read more, go to my column at This column is sponsored by The American Journal of Bioethics.

Summer Johnson, PhD


How about THEM apples???

This whole thing is definitely something to think about……


food for thought……..

(pun intended :))

What’s your views on nanotechnology?


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