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Thanks, Collective Soul!!!

collectivesoulafterwardslogoSome bands create a connection to another world; breaking rules and surpassing all expectations of the typical song crafting art. Having the gift of wrapping the listener in a warm fuzzy blanket, or whispering everything will be ok to you when you feel all is lost. Their musical interpretations are always lifting their listeners beyond the norm making us feel like we’re not alone, or that there’s more to this life than what meets the eye.

Collective Soul is one of those…an enduring band that just keeps giving, growing and surpassing all mortal barriers lifting their fans to new heights song by song.

Collective Soul

Collective Soul

I can go on and on about these guys…..I just love them all. Just really great guys 🙂 They truly ‘generate’ a ‘collection of goods’ and every time I want to ‘blame’ myself or am feeling ‘in-between’… it all comes ‘full circle’ when I have a ‘listen’ to their ‘precious declarations’ …

I love the way Ed can be so sad and thoughtful yet optimistic and uplifting in the same breath. And the way they just “Gel” together…totally radical..ok, I’m showing my age again…hey, being born in 1969 wasn’t a bad thing! 🙂

They are truly a band for the ages that will live on generation after generation.
I’m just happy to be living a mostly ‘dandy life’ with ‘no more, no less’, even when it gets really ‘heavy’ and ‘slow’. Collective Soul is there with their miraculous music…. when I can’t even take a ‘compliment’ or can’t get through a whole day without ‘wasting time’, I’m just happy that I’m ‘not the one’ wearing the ‘crown’…

The World I Know by Collective Soul

Collective Soul has more of a meaning to me than most bands I love. Human words can not express the thanks I wish to convey to them. They’ve helped me get through some really tough times.

One song in particular that stands out in the Collective Soul songbook, for me, is:

SISTER DON’T CRY (from HATLU; hints, allegations&things left unsaid)
Sister Dont Cry Collective Soul

When one of my very dear friends committed suicide (which I still think was a murder, but that’s for an entirely different conversation), a few years back just before Thanksgiving, it left me confused, sad, angry and hurt.

The circumstances around her death were no mystery, as she did leave a note, but the fact that everyone believed she had hundreds of choices other than suicide still baffle me and a few other friends of hers; as it was known that her husband forcefully admitted her into a mental institution (with unfounded accusations) and doctors pumping her full of psychopathetic drugs.

It was also known that her husband & his family used their money and wielded their political positions to satisfy their own ideas of justice; it would never be able to be proven otherwise that she didn’t overdose with the very psychopathetic prescriptions that were supposed to be “helping” her on that fateful Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving a few years ago.

The more I dwell on it, the more her husband (& his family) seems the guilty party, as he wouldn’t let her out of the house or let her speak to her friends (myself included…she had to call me from her work (before she was admitted) and lived 3 states away, so it wasn’t easy for me to get to her.

I was so mad at her for giving up, I would have helped her if she’d just been able to tell me how bad it was. But just as much anger as I felt for him, and thinking it was all his fault; I felt anger at her too; for leaving her young daughter to grow up without her guidance and love, not to mention the hurt that she didn’t come to me to help her through the feelings of hopelessness she’d felt.
I was shocked and surging with bitter feelings. I was so out of it, I couldn’t work, sleep or eat for days and I felt like I couldn’t go on. I felt so lost, I didn’t know where to turn.
While moping around the house I found a Collective Soul cd and put it in the player.
By the time Ed started singing SISTER DON’T CRY I was already in tears, but his lyrics really seemed to speak to me that day;

“Pull your heart from your sleeve, first react then believe, you won’t always get thunder to warn you of storms ahead, so bury all this pain and get on with your life again, conquer some serenity, lay yourself in fields of poetry, close your eyes to all you see and lay your weary head here with me…Sister don’t cry, sister do n’t cry no more, sister don’t cry anymore. “

Yeah, I know…intense.

And after listening to that song somehow I felt that things would be ok; some way, if I’d just get on with my life and not dwell on the pain.
So I did, and it was easier than I thought; though I still think of her on occasion and hope that her daughter will remember all the good things her mother left in her heart. I can only have faith that all turned out for the best.
One thing is certain, Collective Soul played a part in helping me get through one of the darkest areas in my life and I’m forever grateful.

So, thank you Ed, Dean, Will and the rest of the gang. You’ll never know how much your music means to me. You’re much more appreciated than you realize.

collective soul

collective soul

Better Now Collective Soul

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2 thoughts on “Thanks, Collective Soul!!!

  1. Hey! I’m just writing to echo your love of CS–found your post after looking for some backstory on “I’m Not the One”. I’m sorry to hear about your late friend. I wish you the best.

    Two bands that have got me through trying times are Alice In Chains and Rush. My other favorite (for clarity, you understand) is Radiohead. Rounded out with Collective Soul. Have a good one.

    Posted by Josh Ingram | October 4, 2013, 9:02 pm

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