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My First Experience of Collective Soul LIVE

My First Live Experience of Collective Soul

I remember how excited I felt still….. With 70% humidity hanging in the west-coast Florida heat; brewing excitement; collective fans were waiting in that long, anxious line around the club, the evening was sweltering, but full of promise for a great show taking place in a little venue called “The Orbit”. My boyfriend and I were a couple of the lucky ones inside with the A/C and best seats in the house. How did that happen? When it comes to Collective Soul, we are blessed with luck when seeing them live. Everyone was buzzing about Collective Soul’s journey so far and that supposedly, “The Orbit” was one of the early days venue’s before they hit the big time and that night was a testament, a ‘thank-you’ for gotta’ love that :).



The Orbit really isn’t that big of a place. (At least it wasn’t back in ’98; I have no idea what it looks like now, I haven’t been able to make it back there yet) . But don’t take it’s size into your judgement, it’s accoustics are very good and set up really well.

Orbit Night Club

3057 Cleveland Avenue

Fort Myers, FL 33901

phone: +1 941 461 0550



cont. First Live Experience w/Collective Soul Fort Myers, FL

“The Orbit” on a balmy late afternoon in 1998

My boyfriend and I had been in Fort Myers for a little get-away and noticed a flyer at the Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite pit stops) announcing Collective Soul playing at a local venue that very evening.

Jim seems to recall that he’d heard it on the radio ” Collective Soul performing at the Orbit” and took us to a local music store where he purchased $10 tickets.

I recall it all a bit differently, but hey…we’d both had a couple libations that day…so who really knows what hapened? You know what they say, there’s his side, her side and the truth.

But as I recall….. We spotted the club right off 41 in no time and since we had already found the venue, we thought we might as well go in for a cocktail…to see what was up.

We both instantly thought there was a problem or something seemed very wrong because there wasn’t a car in sight! Absolutely no cars were parked there, all the signs pointed to the place seeming closed.

Needless to say, we were a bit nervous…..we really wanted to see Collective Soul live! Why wasn’t anyone there yet? Jim started freaking out. “Ok, not to worry, don’t get all crazy…its really early still. The show doesn’t even start until 9, and its only 4:30.” I said.

So, we decided to go to a close by bar, waste some time and have a cocktail, then check in later. On our return to the club, after waiting about an hour someone finally showed up and opened up the bar.


We didn’t have to wait too long before they let us in and what an experience it was watching everyone getting geared up for the show.

They were taking ALL the chairs out to make room for more people…. you could feel the excitement in the air…Whoo hoo, this was going to be something to remember, one for the books.

Since we were one of the first in line, we got in the club first and I spotted a lonely bar chair on the stairs and instantly snaked it. Jim had to laugh, because I’m always doing that 🙂

I had the only chair in the whole place.How lucky was that???

By the time Collective Soul got there, the whole line that had formed outside around the building, while we were busy watching set up, had been loosed and man, once darkness set in, that place filled up like last night’s diaper.

It was standing room only and one hell of a party was beginning to take place. About 20 minutes before nine, the bouncer made his way over to Jim and I and said,

“hey, that’s my chair..I’m supposed to keep people from going upstairs, that’s why there’s a chair here at the bottom platform.”

And with my quick wit I informed him that it would be my pleasure to make sure not a soul would make it past me to the upstairs. I would guard it with my life !

After a bit of persuasion (and a talk with my boyfriend) he reluctantly agreed. So there we were with the best seat in the house at a tiny venue (probably only held about 200 max.) watching Collective Soul warming up for an awesome show.

I couldn’t have asked for a better spot.

They didn’t disappoint, in fact, they surpassed all expectations and put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. After quite a few drinks and a lot of jumping around, screaming and all-out-fun, I had to leave my post for a few minutes to dance on the frenzied dancefloor..if only for a couple songs 🙂

I’m sure that bouncer didn’t mind; by that point everyone was rockin’ and to top it off, Jimmy was minding my chair for me so I could get closer to Ed and Dean. What a guy! What a show! What a night! Unforgettable.


And how lucky…they’re touring this year! If you’ve never seen them live, I highly recommend it! SEE THEM LIVE!

They follow all their fans on Twitter;

here’s a link to the Collective Soul Twitter Account

Here’s  a link to the Collective Soul Website / Blog


Collective Soul ON Tour 2009




read more here about the Collective Soul Blog Contest and win BIG prizes!!!



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