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Thanks, Collective Soul!!!

Some bands create a connection to another world; breaking rules and surpassing all expectations of the typical song crafting art. Having the gift of wrapping the listener in a warm fuzzy blanket, or whispering everything will be ok to you when you feel all is lost. Their musical interpretations are always lifting their listeners beyond … Continue reading

Woodstock ’99 – Music, Mayhem, Fire, and Water Bottles

What is it about Woodstock? Just thinking about it invokes it’s own genre of sights, sounds and smells. Woodstock is probably the best known festival of all time. Although I wasn’t able to attend the original I’m sad to say, as it took place in the year I was born, but it’s 30 year anniversary … Continue reading

My First Experience of Collective Soul LIVE

My First Live Experience of Collective Soul I remember how excited I felt still….. With 70% humidity hanging in the west-coast Florida heat; brewing excitement; collective fans were waiting in that long, anxious line around the club, the evening was sweltering, but full of promise for a great show taking place in a little venue … Continue reading

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