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Collective Soul Blog Contest: Woo Hoo!

Some bands create a connection to another world; breaking rules and surpassing all expectations of the typical song crafting art. Having the gift of wrapping the listener in a warm fuzzy blanket, or whispering everything will be ok to you when you feel all is lost. Their musical interpretations are always lifting their listeners beyond the norm making us feel like we’re not alone, or that there’s more to this life than what meets the eye.

Collective Soul is one of those…an enduring band that just keeps giving, growing and surpassing all mortal barriers lifting their fans to new heights song by song.

Collective Soul Collective Soul

I can go on and on about these guys…..I just love them all. Even tho’ I’ve never met them I can tell they’re truly down to earth people. Just really great guys :) They truly ‘generate’ a ‘collection of goods’ and every time I want to ‘blame’ myself or am feeling ‘in-between’… it all comes ‘full circle’ when I have a ‘listen’ to their ‘precious declarations’ …

I love the way Ed can be so sad and thoughtful yet optimistic and uplifting in the same breath. And the way they just “Gel” together…totally radical..ok, I’m showing my age again…hey, being born in 1969 wasn’t a bad thing! :)

They are truly a band for the ages that will live on generation after generation.

I’m just happy to be living a mostly ‘dandy life’ with ‘no more, no less’, even when it gets really ‘heavy’ and ’slow’. Collective Soul is there with their miraculous music…. when I can’t even take a ‘compliment’ or can’t get through a whole day without ‘wasting time’, I’m just happy that I’m ‘not the one’ wearing the ‘crown’…

Listen to The World I Know by Collective Soul

Collective Soul has more of a meaning to me than most bands I love. Words can not express the thanks I wish to convey to them. They’ve helped me get through some really tough times.

One song in particular that stands out in the Collective Soul songbook, for me, is:

SISTER DON’T CRY (from HATLU; hints, allegations&things left unsaid) Sister Dont Cry Collective Soul

When one of my very dear friends committed suicide (which I still think was a murder, but that’s for an entirely different conversation), a few years back just before Thanksgiving, it left me confused, sad, angry and hurt.

The circumstances around her death were no mystery, as she did leave a note, but the fact that everyone believed she had hundreds of choices other than suicide still baffle me and a few other friends of hers. She could have asked for help! I didn’t know until later how horrible her husband really was. I did know, that he never let me speak to her on the phone (he was quite controlling). And Her husband forcefully admitted her into a mental institution (with unfounded accusations) and doctors pumping her full of psychopathetic drugs only making her more depressed.

Her husband & his family used their money and wielded their political positions to satisfy their own ideas of justice; it would never be able to be proven otherwise that she didn’t overdose with the very psychopathetic prescriptions that were supposed to be “helping” her on that fateful Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving a few years ago.

The more I dwell on it, the more her husband (& his family) seems the guilty party, as he wouldn’t let her out of the house or let her speak to her friends (myself included…she had to call me from her work (before she was admitted) and lived 3 states away, so it wasn’t easy for me to get to her.

I was so mad at her for giving up, I would have helped her if she’d just been able to tell me how bad it was. But just as much anger as I felt for him, and thinking it was all his fault; I felt anger at her too; for leaving her young daughter to grow up without her guidance and love, not to mention the hurt that she didn’t come to me to help her through the feelings of hopelessness she’d felt.

I was shocked and surging with bitter feelings. I was so out of it, I couldn’t work, sleep or eat for days and I felt like I couldn’t go on. I felt so lost, I didn’t know where to turn.

While moping around the house I found a Collective Soul cd and put it in the player.

By the time Ed started singing SISTER DON’T CRY I was already in tears, but his lyrics really seemed to speak to me that day;

“Pull your heart from your sleeve, first react then believe, you won’t always get thunder to warn you of storms ahead, so bury all this pain and get on with your life again, conquer some serenity, lay yourself in fields of poetry, close your eyes to all you see and lay your weary head here with me…Sister don’t cry, sister don’t cry no more, sister don’t cry anymore. “

Yeah, I know…intense.

And after listening to that song somehow I felt that things would be ok; some way, if I’d just get on with my life and not dwell on the pain.

So I did, and it was easier than I thought; though I still think of her on occasion and hope that her daughter will remember all the good things her mother left in her heart. I can only have faith that all turned out for the best. But I miss her terribly, even still….

One thing is certain, Collective Soul played a part in helping me get through one of the darkest areas in my life and I’m forever grateful.

So, thank you Ed, Dean, Will and the rest of the gang. You’ll never know how much your music means to me. You’re much more appreciated than you realize.

Better Now Collective Soul


if you’re in the mood for some good tunes

try my Collective Soul playlist here;

jumpin' Ed!
jumpin Ed!


One CS fan’s creative tribute;

Try your skill at how well you know Collective Soul Tunes and Albums

Collective Soul Crossword




If you want to know more about the contest read on to the end of this post, or go to the original post by


CS Youth pic

CS Youth pic

Sold on Soul! (Collective Soul that is :))

I’m so thrilled these guys are still rockin’!  And just around the corner I’ll be in Orlando at their House of Blues concert…woo hoo! I can hardly wait. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these guys live, (since Woodstock ’ more here about my Woodstock experience) but being a devoted fan for over 15 years, I’ve noticed a few things about them that stand out from other bands;

1. Collective Soul is still creating some of the best music on the airwaves while keeping their fans happy and simultaneously gaining a new audience with the younger generations.

2. I love that they mix it up on every album, always surprising with every lyric @ every verse with each consecutive play, and only getting better with each tune-in. You’ll never be bored or feel that Collective Soul is just playing the same old thing with the same old sound; they’re innovative, courageous and still intimate with matters of the heart.

3.They are very down-to-earth people with huge hearts and the talent to go with it. Even tho’ they’re ‘rock stars’ in every way, they don’t forget it’s the fans who support them and they’re always ready to sign an autograph or take picture. They follow back EVERY fan on Twitter and be prepared; you just might get a tweet back from Dean! (Follow Collective Soul on Twitter here) Truly great guys 🙂. You can even call them directly at 404-890-7388 and leave a message they’ll be picking fans to actually call back during their tour!!

4. They don’t charge $200 per ticket to go see them live. As phenomenal as they are, comparatively speaking, in my book, just as great as LIVE or U2; you don’t see them raping the public with outrageous price tags on live shows. I’ve seen them many times and have never paid more than $32 (with the exception of Woodstock – of course that’s a whole different animal and another story all together!)

5. They have GREAT contests for their fans!!!!!!!Check out their newest website and read all about Collective Soul’s newest contests here;

Check their 2009 Tour schedule here; SEE THEM LIVE!

Read about my first Collective Soul “Live” experience here:


Now, offering fantastic prizes for a Blog contest? How cool is it that they’re giving back to the fans?! This tour/blog contest is a testament not only to their big ballads, rock anthems, and meaningful lyrics, but to their big hearts to go along with them.

This is my tribute to Collective Soul…..

click on any picture to enlarge ( some of these I made with

A Collection of Souls by Candice

collective soul


I made two fun crossword puzzles with CS song titles and a few albums…

Thanks to My sweetheart Jim or Jimmy, and sometimes honey, babe, sweetie or a multitude of other names I call him (A.K.A. My boyfriend/other-half/best friend depending on the mood)  -introduced me to Collective Soul when they first came on the scene with HATLU (hints,allegations,things left unsaid);

he’s always had great taste in music,  so I knew right away I’d love them. He slid the cd into the player and before the first song was even finished…I was in love.

Collective Soul gets it.  They generate a great vibe/message, and had me at Shine …..buzzing in my head for months! (reminiscent of the first time I heard U2).

Jim and I both agreed that we would HAVE to find a concert as soon as possible. And after returning from our first live dose of Collective Soul in ’98 we were more impressed than we expected and were completely hooked. We’ve purchased every album (cd) and dvd we could find…and have realized since that instead of getting stale; (trying to reproduce the same sounds as previous albums), they’ve only aged like fine wine. They get better in every way.

If you’d like to get a taste of their newest album, at the moment its called “Rabbit”

Here’s their first single (a twitter exclusive!) called Staring Down listen here

I love it! Can’t wait to hear the rest!


straight from their TWITTER page; a direct tweet from Dean:

Anyone want to hear about new album tracks and some release dates? READ HERE:



  • Welcome All Again
  • Fuzzy
  • Dig
  • You
  • My Days
  • Understanding
  • Staring Down
  • She Does
  • Lighten Up
  • Love
  • Hymn For My Father

I can hardly wait guys! Rabbit will be jumping over the competition before it’s even released!

Rock on Souls!

And how lucky…they’re touring this year! If you’ve never seen them live, I highly recommend it! SEE THEM LIVE!

They follow ALL their fans on Twitter;

Follow Collective Soul Twitter

Here’s  a link to the Collective Soul Website / Blog to see what’s happnin’ in their world

Collective Soul’s latest in the NEWS

Collective Soul ON Tour 2009


Want more? you can read about  my first ever CS concert experience here;


Things you might not know about Collective Soul:

Some Interesting Facts about the band:

  • Ed And Dean have a younger sister Julie, and a middle brother John who at one point was a missionary. Ed is 9 years older than Dean.
  • Collective Soul originated in the southern city of Stockbridge, Georgia.
  • Hints Allegations and things Left unsaid was really a songwriter demo album for Ed who was trying to get a publishing contract.
  • CS really considers their first album to be their 1995 self titled effort, as Hints was more of a promotional album than a true band effort.
  • Ed always writes the melody to songs first, which comes easier to him – followed by lyrics.
  • They once did a cover of a Saturday morning cartoon song – The Bugaloos.
  • Chenney Brannon is the band’s 3rd regular drummer, Shane Evans had the role from 1992-2005, and Ryan Hoyle from 2005-2008.
  • Joel Kosche has played lead guitar for the band since 2001, preceding him was Ross Childress.
  • Growing up, Ed and Dean’s father was the minister of music at a Southern Baptist church, and the family enjoyed Elvis together as an initial rock inspiration.
  • Collective Soul has supported many great bands, including Van Halen and Aerosmith.
  • While Ed had several band’s prior to Collective Soul, this is Dean’s first.
  • After various fall-outs with band management and Recording Label Atlantic, the band now has it’s own independent record label – El Music Group.
  • Ed worked at Will Turpin’s father’s studio, Reel 2 Reel Studios, for 8 years after attending college at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where the Cars were one of his major influences.
  • Prior to Collective Soul, Ed Roland had role’s in bands such as Marching Two-Step (with Shane Evans), and Ed-E Roland.
  • Ed-E Roland is an album released by Ed in 1991 – just prior to the formation of Collective Soul.
  • The band’s name comes from Ayn Rand’s – The Fountainhead.
  • One of the band’s idols, Elton John, joined them on the Track “Perfect Day”.
  • The band has performed at Woodstock in 1994 and 1999 – and there is a rare semi-official album called Motor City’s Burnin’ – that features the band in the early days, including some performances at Woodstock.
  • Another Rare CD “Collective Soul – The Interviews: 1993-1995” – is an interview with the band in the early days, a must have for any true fan.
  • Former band member Ross Childress went on to form the band Starfish and Coffee, who recently released their self titled album.
  • Joel has also performed with the band Steep.
  • Band influences include Elvis, Elton John, Bernie Taupin, AC/DC, The Beatles, U2, The Police, The Cars, and Jerry Lee Louis.



THANK YOU COLLECTIVE SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Collective Soul ALBUMS

Collective Soul Albums

Collective Soul Albums

Try your skill at a Collective Soul Crossword Puzzle!

Collective Soul Crossword

Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid


1. Shine

2. Goodnight, Good Guy

3. Wasting Time

4. Sister Don’t Cry

5. Love Lifted Me

6. In A Moment

7. Heaven’s Already Here

8. Pretty Donna

9. Reach

10. Breathe

11. Scream

12. Burning Bridges

13. All

Collective Soul


1. Simple

2. Untitled

3. The World I Know

4. Smashing Young Man

5. December

6. Where The River Flows

7. Gel

8. She Gathers Rain

9. When The Water Falls

10. Collection Of Goods

11. Bleed

12. Reunion

Disciplined Breakdown


1. Precious Declaration

2. Listen

3. Maybe

4. Full Circle

5. Blame

6. Disciplined Breakdown

7. Forgiveness

8. Link

9. Giving

10. In Between

11. Crowded Head

12. Everything

Scream 2




– She Said



1. Tremble For My Beloved

2. Heavy

3. No More, No Less

4. Needs

5. Slow

6. Dandy Life

7. Run

8. Generate

9. Compliment

10. Not The One

11. Crown



1. Skin

2. Vent

3. Why, Pt. 2

4. 10 Years Later

5. Boast

6. Turn

7. You Speak My Language

8. Perfect Day

9. After All

10. Over Tokyo

11. Happiness

7even Year Itch

Greatest Hits 1994-2001


1. Heavy

2. She Said

3. Shine

4. Energy [NEW TRACK]

5. Run

6. Gel

7. Precious Declaration

8. Why, Pt. 2

9. The World I Know

10. Next Homecoming [NEW TRACK]

11. Listen

12. December

13. Forgiveness



1. Better Now

2. There’s A Way

3. Home

4. How Do You Love?

5. Him

6. Feels Like (It Feels All Right)

7. Perfect To Stay

8. Counting The Days

9. Under Heaven’s Skies

10. General Attitude

11. Satellite

Afterwords 2008

1. New Vibration

2. What I Can Give You

3. Never Here Alone

4. Bearing Witness

5. All That I Know

6. I Don’t Need Anymore Friends

7. Good Morning After All

8. Hollywood

9. Persuasion Of You

10. Georgia Girl

11. Adored




After talking with @BuzzEdition and @Collective_Soul I got the news that they are launching a blog contest that’s giving away crazy prizes! It just proved to me that these guys truly do get Social Media. Allowing the fans, followers and bloggers to be apart of the party is a great interactive way to be real. I’m thinking that to prove to celebrities and big brands on Twitter that have decided to “broadcast” instead of interact they should be given a wake-up call. By participating in this blog contest a knod can be given to the celebrities that are doing things right in Social Media. Here are the details of the blog contest:

Collective Soul Blog Contest

These guys are giving out some awesome prizes for participation!

1st Prize: 2 Tickets to any show, 2 backstage passes, AUTOGRAPHED GUITAR and a copy of new album

2nd Prize: 2 Tickets, Autographed Guitar Pick and a Copy of the new Album

3rd Prize: Copy of New Album, Autographed Picture, Autographed Drumsticks & Guitar Pick

The first 10 entrants into the contest will receive an Autographed Picture in the mail!

How to Enter

Write a blog post talking about Collective Soul that includes the following things:

1. Include a link to the Collective Soul Twitter Account

2. Include a link to the Collective Soul Website / Blog


3. Mention new tour starting in 2009

Once you’ve written your blog post leave a link to your blog post in the comment section below. This will add some traffic and a backlink to your blog. Also TWEET a message to @Collective_Soul on Twitter announcing your new blog post like:

I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here: YOURURL

Collective Soul has agreed to Retweet your blog post to all of their fans! (Your 15 minutes of fame!)

How Collective Soul Chooses The Winners

Selecting Winner for Collective Soul Blog ContestThe band will pick the top 10 entries out of the all the submissions. It’s recommended that you be creative and let people know how you feel about Collective Soul, their social media interaction, how their music has effected your life or any other creative way you want to present the band. The only requirements that you need to include in your blog post are listed above.

Once Collective Soul has chosen the top 10 entries the final Top 3 winners will be chosen by you! An online poll will be held on Twitter to allow you to vote for the final winner. The top 3 contestents will win the prizes in the order of their votes!

Terms and Conditions

The contest will end on June 15th at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The Collective Soul band will then choose the winners and the online poll will start within a week.

Anyone suspected of rigging the votes in the poll will be removed and disqualified from the contest.

If you have any questions just send @Collective_Soul

a message on Twitter!

In Conclusion

I hope that gives you an idea of the coming trends of celebrities and gives you one way you can fight back. You can accelerate the trend by supporting the celebrities that will actually interact and engage on Twitter. In the end, if most celebrities adopt the trend, Twitter will be a better place to hang your hat.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease,



If you like this article, Tweet this message to your Twitter stream. :)

RT @webaddict A celebrity that gets social media? I know shocking… #sm #socialmedia


thanks so much  ! from;


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Thanks to Collective Soul,, webaddict, and all those who participated in this blog contest.  They’re all really great! I’ve tried to read ALL of the entries that were entered into this contest  and found them all really wonderful! It’s going to be a tough pick…I really wish CS would just pick the winners!!!!!!! It’s too tough to choose!


About Candice Collins

I love helping people heal themselves. Whether that's through body, mind, or spirit, we all need a helping hand sometimes. I'm also owner/formulator of Yellowstar Essentials custom natural beauty- home -and health products, also a database builder of a telcom auditing business, a freelance writer, an Aromatherapy enthusiast, and a part-time waitress. I just love life and way too many things to list them all here.


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      so thanks again! cheers mate!

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