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Collective Soul Blog Contest: Woo Hoo!

Crazy good contest from some of my favorite souls! Collective Soul is sporting a Blog Contest for killer prizes! Continue reading


Jetson’s Anyone? The Honda Fuzo; New Flying Car of the Future

The future of the auto-industry; flying cars. Remember the Jetson’s? The Honda Fuzo is the future! Continue reading

The Jetson's? Flying Cars Could Be In Our Future; Honda Fuzo

This was supposed to be the future! That’s what I heard. I was always told that in the future, we’d have flying cars. I’d say what happened to that, but I know what happened to that: John Mahieddine happened to that. The “Honda Fuzo” is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing concept. The Fuzo is a … Continue reading


sometimes you feel all alone…..

here comes the sun… do do dooo

here comes the sun…… do do doo Continue reading

Where to buy Distilling Equipment for homemade essential oils

Ever wanted to distill your own essential oils???? I’ve been searching around the net for the best deals as I’ve always dreamed of distilling my own NEROLI essentials oil…yes, orange blossoms! omg! my fav scent and soooooooooo good for your skin. (as well as your mind/body/spirit) 🙂 WEll, I’ve found too many of them to … Continue reading

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